Segunda guerra mundial en flickr

Hola, por ahí en un CD me encontré 100 fotos en alta resolución de la segunda guerra mundial.
Las he subido a FLICKR y he creado un SET especial con ellas.

>> ver fotos en Flickr

071 por ti.


  1. Wow, that’s an incredible collection, they are all well-known photos, where did you get hold of them? Who owns the rights to these images? I’d like to blog about it on my site, can I use one of the images to introduce the post?

    Thanks alot.


  2. Hi Andrew; I find this pictures in a CD in my company.

    This pictures have copyright, I guess.

    I think that I will have to delete this pictures from flickr, some day, but meanwhile… :)

  3. Ok fair enough. I might do a quick blog post on them while they’re still around.

    Love what you did with the h2o theme by the way.

    Shame I don’t read Spanish, but anyway

    muchos grazias!

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